“Our mission is to serve clients with consistent nutritional guidance by providing honest and passionate coaching every day for their individual goals.”

-Frank Mastroianni

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Nutritional Coaching & Lifestyle Changes

Eat foods you love

Through our Flexible Dieting approach we aim to keep you on track towards success while allowing you to enjoy some of the foods you love. We keep a strong emphasis on quality foods with a hint of flexibility.

one on one coaching

Our Coaches are here to guide you towards your goals. With 24/7 access to your coach we will work with you one on one. If you ever have questions feel free to contact your coach at any time.

personalized programming

We create personalized plans specifically based on your goals. Improved nourishment with optimal results is what we strive for.

About ACtiveworks

“Just because you’re not sick doesn’t mean you’re healthy”

ActiveWorks is a coaching service that uses the Flexible Dieting and If It Fits Your Macros Approach. (Configuring your daily allowance of Macronutrient goals of Protein, Carb, and Fat to achieve a body composition or performance goal.)

Why ActiveWorks?

We offer coaches who passionately guide you along your entire journey. Offering advice, and monitoring progress along the way. We work one-on-one with our clients to make sure they are headed in the right direction. No goal is out of reach with our program as long as YOU are willing to put the work and time in!

What are the Benefits Flexible Dieting?

Flexible Dieting has been my favorite up to this point for many reasons. Here are a few of the main reasons below:


There have been many times while trying other diets that I would be stressed out due to cravings and the feeling of being so unsatisfied. This Flexibility allows us to eat that sweet treat, or go out to eat for a special occasion as long as it fits our daily macro ratios.


It is very accurate as far as letting you know if a specific set of numbers are working or not. By keeping track of your nutrition through the MyFitnessPal app you have a good idea about how much you are eating throughout the day and at each meal. Also over time you can see how the numbers given to you have been working and adjust them if needed to get closer to your goals.


Being told you can or can’t eat something is never emotionally or mentally something you want to hear. Understanding that we can still accomplish our goals with some flexibility allows us to be more likely to succeed. If you hate the diet plan you are on, you are more than likely not going to see the results you want


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